Your Massage Session

What to Expect at Your Keep In Touch Massage Session

Whether you are a seasoned massage enthusiast or experiencing your first massage, our goal is to provide you with a basic explanation of what to expect on your visit to Keep in Touch Massage.


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If this is your first visit...

If this is your first visit to Keep in Touch Massage, please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a confidential client intake form that will assist us in providing the service you desire. The therapist will then escort you to your room and review your session with you and will determine the reason for your visit, discuss pressure to be applied, go over the basic routine, and address any additional questions you may have.

Your Room

Your massage or bodywork takes place in a private, quiet room on a padded and heated table. Our rooms provide a warm, relaxing, and soothing environment to help you unwind and heal. The lighting is dimmed and soothing music played during your session. If you wish complete silence, your therapist can turn off the music. It is also your option whether or not to speak with the therapist during the massage.

Your Masseuse

We pride ourselves on having only the finest, professional massage therapists. Each one is nationally recognized and/or locally licensed. Our goal is to meet your every relaxation or therapeutic need. If we ever fall short, please let us know!

Your Massage

Remember, this massage is for your benefit. Let your therapist know if you are in need of general relaxation, stress reduction or therapy in specific areas that need attention. It is possible during a massage session for a therapist to spend most of an entire session on only one area of your body if needed or requested.

If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of your massage,

ask your therapist to stop. Throughout the session your therapist will check with you concerning the level of pressure. Please provide feedback if the pressure is too little or too much. Your therapist can adjust the pressure as needed.

At completion of your massage

Upon completion of your session, your therapist will leave the room to allow you to get dressed and “come back to the present.” The therapist will be waiting in the hallway with a glass of water and a warm peppermint towel. It is traditional to provide a tip of 15-20% if the massage has met or exceeded your expectations. Feel free to leave a cash tip, or to add that to your credit card at checkout.

Please consider scheduling your next appointment prior to leaving, and ask about our packages and Gift Cards.

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